Make better business decisions with actionable insights and informed recommendations

emStream is equipped with artificial intelligence based on machine learning, a strong natural language processing engine and reinforced learning capabilities, designed to help you in gaining valuable insights. You get the power to merge, analyze and visualize vast amounts of structured and unstructured data in a short amount of time and with no coding required. If you are finding your existing business analytics reports too static or ineffective in predicting business scenarios and decision making, emStream can help you predict better and design your next strategy through informed recommendations.

Use Cases

Single View of the Customer

Aggregate all your customer data from various sources to create a reliable Single View of the Customer that can be used for business analytics and marketing.

Sentiment Analysis

Learn about customer sentiment and intent with built-in real-time sentiment analysis engine and conversational analytics to drive targeted marketing and lead generation.

Customer Churn

Predict future customer churn by analysing customer data to understand their attributes/ behaviour and running predictive analytical models.

Fraud Detection

Prevent frauds by leveraging advanced AI powered analytics and API integration, to run rapid backlist checks against user profiles.

Performance Improvement

Drive performance by running a host of predictive models to gain insights into product performance and potential market demand.

Realtime Engagement

Pick up conversation from various channels in real time to create engagement with brand enthusiasts and detractors based on rules and filters.

Customer Stories